Lumi Consulting was co-founded by Katie Gall and Lauren Clinnick in 2012 as a digital distribution platform for short fiction. The idea was to gather talented artists together and provide a platform to distribute their work to others. With experience working with a variety of talented individuals and businesses we realised we could do more for them and that’s how we began consulting.

Over time our services evolved into a creative consultancy and we moved in to the Arcade Melbourne to start focuses exclusively on the greatest storytelling platform of all! Video Games!

We have always been big advocates of the arts, backers of kickstarters and supporters of unique ideas and games. Since then we’ve built a freewheeling team of creative and business savvy professionals with years of experience working on shipped games titles.

Our office is located in Melbourne Australia although you can find our staff around the globe travelling, speaking at conferences, running events, giving workshops, being advocates and making friends.

Our business is built on a love of games and a lifelong friendship.

Come and visit our office if you’re in town, we’d love to meet you!

Meet the Team

Katie Gall


Katie is the co-founder and Creative Director of Lumi Consulting, a video games marketing consultancy based in Melbourne Australia.

She manages the business development and creative strategy for a wide range of clients.

She has worked with titles from world leaders from Hipster Whale, Stoic, Mighty Games and Funomena to the world’s largest game making engine, Unity.

Her key areas include, entrepreneurship, business, marketing and creative direction.

Katie is also the co-founder of Blushbox Games, a collective for developers interested in inclusion of the themes of love and romance in videogames.

Katie has spoken at conferences on games marketing all around the world and is a recipient of the Women in Games Fellowship and MCV’s 30 under 30.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Publishing, Editing and Creative Writing (The University of Melbourne) and an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations (RMIT)