Faraway Tea is about a magic tea shop hidden in a mysterious forest. This tea shop was once known far and wide for its wondrous recipes. There were rumours that the secret to its success was a magic door that allowed access to strange lands that come and go.

One day while exploring a forest, you and your best friend stumble across an old, forgotten tea shop! Could this be the one the stories talked about? If so, what adventures await you on the other side?

The travelling lands that come to your door give access to exciting new worlds, characters, and – most importantly – wondrous ingredients to brew exotic and magical tea. They won’t stay long, so don’t miss the opportunity to gather the rare ingredients they offer!

Faraway Tea is brewtiful adventure game where you:

  • Adventure to magical lands
  • Become the Royal Tea Maker
  • Gather rare and wondrous ingredients
  • Customise your tea shop
  • Fulfill Royal Orders
  • Meet characters and carry out quests
  • Brew tea
  • Free to play on Facebook messenger