Critter Clash is a collaboration between Lumi Interactive and Jump Games. We’ve been working together since mid 2018 to bring Critter Clash to Western audiences. Our game operations team here in Australia and Shanghai based, Joyclap studios (a subsidiary of Jump Games), worked together to update, optimise and improve Critter Clash ahead of its Western release. Our multilingual, international team has worked around the clock to bring Critter Clash to life. We’d be lion if we said we weren’t excited to share it with you. ?

About Critter Clash

Critter Clash is a real-time multiplayer game featuring the whole animal kingdom! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Build your team and battle your friends in the jungle!

Critter Clash delivers awesome upgrades, ultimate strategy and endless replayability!
Unlock, upgrade and experiment with your team’s line up and layout.

Decide where to place your animals and what strategy to use to get to the top of the jungle! No matter what, there’s is no substitute for a bit of quick thinking in this game of monkey madness. ??

We started working on Critter Clash in July 2018 acting as publisher and co-developer to work on bringing this game to a broader audience.

We have a small scrappy team made up of marketing, data scientists, UX/UI artists, a producer, a designer and a UA manager.