In a room that looks like someone gave a steampunk makeover to an attic, the inaugural TasJam is underway.

For a small yet scrappy community, the inaugural Tasmanian Game Jam (TasJam) tickets sold out quickly. As I write this, we have around 35 devs in this room in Hobart, all busying themselves with the monumental task of creating a game in roughly 32 hours. In Launceston are another 20, and a team of 5 more in Burnie.

TasJam is a statewide game jam event, held simultaneously in Hobart, Launceston, and Burnie, and was organised by the Tasmanian Game Development Society.

Game Jams (in case you’ve never been to one) are a short span of time where developers of all different disciplines get together and make a game, usually in 24 to 48 hours.

The TasJam Hobart competition is kicking off on the third floor of The Typewriter Factory, a coworking space usually housing tech startups. Teams were formed with almost no extra help needed, mostly thanks to the excellent organisers Jason Imms, Eloise Ducky and James Riggell.

Lauren, Myself and Kamina Vincent from Tin Man Games have spent the morning walking around, talking to each team about what their project ideas were , how they hope to achieve them and encouraging them to think outside the box.

At about the 30% mark we dialed in to the Launceston and Burnie teams and chatted with all the other teams about their progress so far.

Day 1:

The main early stage issues we are seeing consistently popping up at these stages are as follows:

  1. Overscoping
  2. Not enough originality/unique angles
  3. Not being able to describe the game succinctly

Peripheral issues as the day wears on:

4. Eating too much sugar and then crashing

5. Not drinking enough water

6. Not taking a break.

5:18pm – The Light is starting to dim in our busy little Typewriter Factory. We’re watching the devs start to bed down and get into the nitty gritty details. Coders figuring out networking, artists making models and sound designers mapping out their assets.

Day 2:

We had a fantastic, yet tired #TasJam Day 2 experience – and so did the developers! It was a wild time trying to get to playtest everything and give as much feedback and encouragement as we could. All the judges, mentors and organisers loved seeing the projects come together, and the whole Tasmanian gamedev community were largely upbeat, positive and excited to participate.

Some truly innovative and thought-provoking projects have been born this weekend, and we were very happy to be a small part of this great event.

Want to check out some awesome Tasmanian games? Check out the game jam results on the TasJam page!

Thank you again for inviting Lumi Consulting as a sponsor for the event, and we can’t wait to get into judging soon. 🙂


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