Author: Katie Stegs

TweetPress CTRL+F DEMONSTRATION ZONE to skip to the good shit All right listen up, this is part one of an ongoing series called Gamedev Superstars, because god help us we need some rock and roll in this industry. This is a series in which I will impart you with my observations, explanations and analysis of […]

TweetThe Lumi team are thankful for an incredible year of games. From mobile, indie PC to blockbuster AAA releases, 2016 had a stunning collection of game releases. It’s tough to pick some favourites, but we’re sharing our top choices to help your Christmas shopping quests and holiday gaming sessions! We work with amazing developers, but […]

TweetReflections on Melbourne International Games Week 2017 It was a Sunday afternoon in late February 2016 and we were showing Doug Wilson, creator of JS Joust, around the city of Melbourne. We were staring at the popping colours of Melbourne’s graffiti lanes and talking about the energy in the air. Doug was thinking of moving […]

TweetIn a room that looks like someone gave a steampunk makeover to an attic, the inaugural TasJam is underway. For a small yet scrappy community, the inaugural Tasmanian Game Jam (TasJam) tickets sold out quickly. As I write this, we have around 35 devs in this room in Hobart, all busying themselves with the monumental […]

Tweet[pevideo id=”296″]   This week Lumi visited AVCon for the first time, AVCon had been highly recommended to us by several of our lovely friends so we decided to take a trip. We were really excited about some of the great talent happening over there so it was definitely an excellent chance to meet some […]