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I don’t know what I was expecting GO423 to stand for but it appears there are many mysteries behind the bespoke symposium.

Truna, the head of the Brisbane IGDA opened the conference by telling us that GO423 had originally got its name as part of a joke that the event was the foreplay to Freeplay, the numbers possibly being a pun on this, 423. I also heard it referred to as Game On 423.

Regardless, GO423 was a really excellent Symposium held in Brisbane, Australia.

As hard as it was for Lumi to leave the delightful crisp winter, peppered with rain and wind for a state rather more filled with sunshine, we managed, somehow, to get there.

The Symposium itself was really excellent. Held in The Cube at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the first day comprised a number of panels with games devs from around Australia mostly contemplating the future of games and what we hope for and will work towards in the next 5 years.

Listening to Morgan Jaffit, Megan Summers and Nicole Stark in particular, was inspiring.

The great thing about a Symposium like this and about events held in the games industry in general, is that it’s a great forum for sharing ideas and knowledge. Few other industries have forums where we can all sit around and discuss what is important to us going forward, what our passions and dreams are and how to achieve them.

GO423 provided a great insight into the mistakes and mishaps of former AAA studios and the benefits that they can bring going forward for indies. There were dreams of bringing back larger studios and publishers, hopes for what could happen with VR and the desire to create a thriving and sustainable games economy.

The second day was filled with workshops and the indie games room where we got to see a number of current projects being showcased. There were several stand outs, Project Columbus, showcased by newly formed Brisbane Studio, Prideful Sloth, Lupinball and The Eyes of Era, a first person mystery point and click. We were also really excited to see the progress of Ninja Pizza Girl and get a first look at a fellow Arcadian’s game, Fur Brawl, by Melbourne based studio Lampshade Games.

On our last day we went and visited our friends at Defiant Development, where I was allowed to hold the coveted Defiant swords and was baffled by the sheer number of rubber chickens in the office. The Defiant team are gorgeous and as talented as everyone says they are. Defiant Artist, Nick Smith let us look through one of his sketch books and it was AMAZING.

We ended the weekend by visiting the newly acquired, top secret superbase of the Prettygreat offices. I can’t reveal its location but I can tell you I felt like a super spy visiting it. Let me tell you, they are a talented team. Not only do they make games, they also make amazingly crafted tables, laser cut signs and they  showed me a tiny arcade machine they made from scratch. Luke generously bestowed upon us a bottle opener that they hand made! Lauren was excited that they watch Food Wars as well.

Anyway. Peace out, stay rad and look out for us in your city sometime soon. 🙂

– Katie Stegs.


This week Lumi visited AVCon for the first time, AVCon had been highly recommended to us by several of our lovely friends so we decided to take a trip. We were really excited about some of the great talent happening over there so it was definitely an excellent chance to meet some of the teams behind the games we’ve been admiring.

AVCon is the leading pop culture and videogame expo in Adelaide, with over 18,000 attendees over two days, this year from July 17th to the 19th. Famous for an amazing Indie Room full of Australian games and a dazzling array of cosplayers, we definitely recommend this friendly event if you’re ever in the area. We were so impressed by the sheer numbers and quality of the cosplayers there. If that was you, wow! Amazing, great job guys!

Prior to the event itself, the amazing Emilia Chignola invited us to a fantastic Women in Games cocktail networking event before AVCon. Both local and interstate ladies wowed us with what they’re working on, and the Adelaide AIE campus looks great. Thank you Emilia!

Katie and I really enjoyed seeing a huge collection of indie games during our time at AVCon, and the friendly developers showing them. Some of my top picks include Mallow Drops, Hacknet, Catnips, Objects in Space, Caffeine, Hands Off and Crabitron. With a real treasure trove of games showcased, there was truly something for everyone. Applause for the coordinators for the ambitious, excellent collection.

Taking it back a couple of years (or decades), we loved spending time in the Retro Games collection as well. Katie played Super Mario 2 gloriously reliving long childhood car trips and I zoned out in Bubble Bobble until I smashed a new high score. It’s was a really relaxing, well-curated collection of titles and consoles of yesteryear, all kindly shared by their owners. We also saw a few titles that we’d never tried before. For Katie, who was never allowed consoles as a child, it was literally like being told she could have all the candy in the shop.

We were also really impressed by the very large and talented AVCon artist alley – there were so many colourful, cute and intriguing crafts and art pieces. The selling areas across the whole event were always really popular, and my purchase of the weekend was finally tracking down a copy of the Dead of Winter boardgame. After being recommended the hard-to-find title for ages back home, I was super lucky to track down the last copy they had!

Thank you so much to the Adelaide gamedev scene for welcoming us, showing us around and sharing the love for games that makes this community so lovely!

We will certainly find our way back sometime. Until then, it’s time for us to pamper our Radelaide friends when they next come across to our neck of the woods!

– Lauren