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Lumi Consulting is a Melbourne-based specialist Marketing and PR Consultancy for the video games and technology industries.


  • We provide marketing and consulting services to businesses and individuals that seek to define, grow and strengthen what makes them unique. We work with companies across technology, video games, and creative industries to provide a variety of services to support company growth. We use a combination of in-person, digital and traditional marketing practices to deliver the best results for our clients.

    Lumi Consulting prioritises building up your skills so that marketing and PR will become the competitive edge for your organisation – whether you’re a solo developer, a small team or a larger business. We provide training and education to deliver the most effective and efficient strategy to reach your goals, and always take the time to thoroughly understand your business.

    Get in touch to discuss a tailored package for your business, or to discuss an upcoming project that needs marketing support.



    At Lumi Consulting we pride ourselves on being industry facilitators. Whether you are an independent developer looking to tap into the professional games network, a technology company wanting to find new crossovers for their products, an agency looking for new talent or an event looking for sponsorship, we are here to help!

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    Contact us to chat about your communications projects. Your first consultation is always free because we want to ensure that we can provide you the best service possible. We can easily set up a call via Skype or in person to have a conversation about how we can support you.


    The Lumi Team will start turning the wheels behind the scenes. This is the part where we begin to make your projects a reality. Organisation, outreach and communication are ongoing. We are contactable 7 days a week so you can be sure we’ve got you covered no matter what happens. We will operate as your marketing arm.


    After going back and forward with you for approval we are ready to go, maybe it’s your big launch day event, maybe it’s that great media story you’re about to break. It’s go time and we will be working our hardest to make sure you get the best outcome possible!

  • Lauren Clinnick Director

    Lauren is a marketing and PR specialist, and Director of Lumi Consulting. She’s a classic people-person, with a passion for training and innovation in all forms.

    Her background includes product marketing, IT, encryption and tech investment industries. As well as regularly speaking at industry events about marketing and PR, she volunteers as a committee member of WiDGET (Women in Development, Games and Everything Tech) and for the Australian STEM Videogame Challenge to advocate for diversity in the games industry.

    Managing people and getting things done is both her hobby and a specialty.

    Katie Gall Director Marketing and Communications

    Katie maxes out on networking, building brands and finding innovative cross-over areas between games and technology. She is unapologetic about her enthusiasm and strongly believes that games are the foremost creative medium of our time.

    She has worked in a variety of fields with a strong background in project management and public relations and a special interest in eye-tracking and usability research.

    Katie is a regular public speaker on marketing for video games and has been involved in the games industry for over 5 years – from helping to run student game clubs to organising Melbourne LAN events, working trade shows such as PAX Australia, coordinating production for live streaming, and working with developers such as Hipster Whale, Unity, Mighty Games and others.

    Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Publishing, Editing and Creative Writing (The University of Melbourne) and an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations (RMIT)

    Meg Betteridge Account Executive

    Meg’s specialises in events and account management. She is a talented writer who knows how to turn your announcements into informative and exciting pieces of news. Meg is an excellent networker and highly experienced in overseeing and running events. Her previous role as General Manager for Mana Bar honed her skills in community management and allowed her to become highly proficient in handling immediate and surrounding operational responsibilities, as well as customer service.

    She is currently studying a Bachelor Computer Science with the aim of gaining a more technical and in-depth insight into the Games and Information Technology industries. Her previous professions included several years in Security, both static and managerial, as well as the health industry with various certifications and two years of Registered Nursing studies, making her as caring as she is efficient.

  • Lumi Consulting began in 2013 as a digital distribution platform for short fiction. The idea was to gather talented artists together and provide them a platform to distribute their work to others. We provided a tailored short fiction service to our subscribers.

    We have always been big advocates of the arts, backers of kickstarters and supporters of unique ideas and games. With experience working with a variety of talented individuals and businesses we realised we could do more for them and that’s how we began consulting.

    Katie has a Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Publishing and Editing from Melbourne University and an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations. Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University of Technology.



  • After spending just an hour with Lauren and Katie we realised just how underprepared we were to deal with media and public relations! They helped us not only prepare for dealing with interviews, but also helped us gain valuable contacts we would never have gotten ourselves. And, best of all, they both know gaming inside-out.

    Matthew Hall and Andy Sum via Hipster Whale
  • Working with Lumi Consulting is both a rewarding and a wonderful experience. Lauren and Katie’s enthusiasm and warmth is infectious, and underpinned by keen insight and quick acclimation to any problem space. Lumi Consulting has helped guide me further with two critical projects, and I won’t hesitate to go back for further consultation when the time is right.

    Kevin Powe via Tavern of Voices
  • “The Lumi Team are the pinnacle of professional, smart, efficient and friendly. We were over worked and understaffed and they came in to help us get a hold of our production schedules and helped us recruit a handful of new staff. They made the process absolutely as painless and professional as possible and got us back on track.”

    Ben Britten via Mighty Games
  • “Lumi Consulting were excellent to work with – responsible, reliable and knowledgeable. Working with them on our press release made the results far more polished! We appreciated their flexibility and dedication to working with us, and hope to work with them again in future.”

    Ben Huxter via MiniMega
  • Working with Lauren and Katie was like receiving a big warm hug! These girls were so positive and encouraging, they made our PR a breeze. They clearly communicated strategy and were transparent about their processes, and provided us with advice when needed. We are extremely happy with the international coverage of our film that they achieved and would highly recommend them!

    Jess O'Farrell via Studio Bento
  • Lumi Consulting have been amazing to work with from the start! Both have been very friendly and always quick to respond and stay in touch, providing updates and ensuring deadlines are met. They’ve offered great tips and advice, which has really helped us as marketing novices. Duct Tape Games strongly recommends using their services, and will definitely be getting in touch with them again for future projects!

    David Davies via Duct Tape Games
  • The services provided by Lumi Consulting have led to significant improvements in our business’s success. The new website which was developed has a very professional style and features which accurately reflect as well as promote our services.

    Lauren and Katie were also able to provide us with advice and ideas in the areas of marketing, especially in relation to social media. We would certainly recommend Lumi Consulting to other businesses who wish to improve their exposure and wish to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

    Suzie and Sally via Experience Works HQ
  • Katie and Lauren were really good at listening to what I wanted. They were able to guide me through the decision and inform me about things I didn’t really understand. I appreciated their style of working respectfully and they were so efficient! They also made everything clear from the beginning about our arrangement, which enabled me to feel that I was in the hands of professional business people. I have recommended them to many others since they worked with me on my marketing plan.

    Linda Pandita via Linda Pandita Consulting
  • Conversing with Lumi I can safely say has been one of the best decisions we’ve made throughout the entire development of our latest project. You don’t realize how much of a positive impact they can have on all aspects of development until you consult with them. They’re worth their weight in gold and we can’t wait to work with them again.

    Josh Caratelli via Double Mercury Entertainment Pty Ltd

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Marketing 101
Crowdfunding 101
Pitching skills
Negotiation skills
Media training
Public Speaking

Press outreach
UX and User testing
Trailer Feedback
Marketing strategy
Branding & messaging
Competitor analysis
Event management
Social media strategy
Web Audit

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